The capital city has fuelled Debby Soemadijo and Faruq Adib to flee themselves to Bali. Through the years, they saw how proper styling and concept have made pictures worth more than a thousand words. FASS believes that there’s more to taking pictures than crouching or squatting to finally capture a good side—and Debby, who’s a Yogi, knows how a real squat is like. Our name also rhymes with fast. And we live up to it.

What kind of services do we offer?

We style and take pictures of anything. Food, products, places, events, pets, and people—as long as it puts food on our table.

Why are we located so far from the capital city?

We don’t hate Jakarta. We realize it made us street-smart, but we prefer to build our lives around cities with better attitude.

What should you expect from working with us?

Aside from effective brainstorming that involves you directly, we get things done realistically fast. A photoshoot session with us takes about 2 hours. After that, we can show you the best places to eat around.


Debby Soemadijo

A yogi who loves conversations, Debby balances between managing projects, directing photoshoots, and persuading people. She’s so good at it you won’t realize it’s hard-sell.

Faruq Adib

Adib rather lets his pictures speak for themselves. A certified funny guy with keen eyes, he makes sure things look the way you always imagined them to be.

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